An Icelandic Inspired Collection

The Svartifoss S/S17 collection took its namesake from a waterfall in Iceland, which was the cornerstone inspiration that began this collection. This waterfall embodies so many elements that I find exciting and beautiful, the jagged stones, contrasting black and light grey tones, as well the the white spray of the waterfall, the healthy green moss covering the rocks and the rippled clear blue water in the pool below. The waterfall and surrounding basin has an architectural feel to it, surreal and awe invoking. 

The decision to design this collection came at the expense of not taking a solo journey to Iceland, but to instead use my dreams and visions of visiting there to inspire how this collection would look.

I start out every collection by compiling the words that make me excited to draw, a whirlwind of images and thoughts that swirl around in my head.

“The Svartifoss S/S17 collection took its namesake from a waterfall in Iceland”

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Some of these other inspirations include crackled raku pottery with it’s raw texture and spontaneous beauty, gazing at stars and imagining the galaxies beyond our eyes, wanderlust, the midnight sun, spiderwebs, shibori dyeing and midsommar celebrations.

All of these inspirations were translated into edgy, comfortable clothing. Sporty elements like mesh geometric cutouts, zippers, technical fabrics and stretch fabrics add urban, wearable, cool details to the clothes. The ruffles added a feminine touch to an otherwise androgynous collection. The futuristic silhouettes were inspired by minimalism, athleisure, Japanese structure and military chic. In this fascinating time in history, with so many technical advances in fabric production, there is no excuse to not be comfortable in our day-to-day life. The clothes in the Svartifoss collection were created using multiple different textures of stretch fabrics which add interesting visual contrasts, but remain comfortable, playful and sexy.

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